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[(Short notice event) 8th May 2014] Eorlingas Thursday
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Wed May 07 2014, 11:01pm
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As some of us may know the Riders of the Riddermark have set up the Eorlingas Thursday event. Which was grand! 
The idea of the event was for the Riders of the Riddermark to gather together and take part in the given event that can vary widely from many many things.
(Be sure to right click links and hit 'open link in a new tab' so that you can say on this page)
See this link for the event details, times: Eorlingas Thursdays - Laurelin Archives
And see this link for a useful time coverter: The World Clock
Simple instructions:
Beneath 'Select time and place to convert from': 
  • Set the hour to: '21 / 9 pm' 
  • Day/Month/Year/Minutes is irrelevant, no need to fill anything in there.
  • Set Location to: 'United Kingdom - England - London' 
And beneath 'Select places to convert to':
  • Simply input your own location into 'Location 1'
Click 'Convert time' and woosh! It will display the time in your time zone/country.
Word has recently been spread that Eaworth is in need of aid. Their town has been raided by orcs and they have lost many people, many homes and many crops have been burnt to the ground. 
   The people there starve and they have lost much. Their lives have been shattered more than most in these days and they seek any aid that they would receive. Food stores and blankets would go a long to aid their cause, but they need more for some of their folk's hearts have been shattered along with their homes. They would be ever grateful if ever there were someone who could bring smiles to their pained faces. 
Who will come and bring aid to the needy?
Location: Eaworth
Setting: The Riddermark that I play in is the perception of what it would be like if there were no hero(The player who runs throughout Rohan completeing quests to aid the folk while absurdly slaying thousands foes as he goes) abroad. The cold plight that the people bear upon their shoulders and the dread. They know that any given day may well be their last due to all the chaos that is happening in their home-lands. The folk are aware that the King has been listening to ill-counsel, and they have heard that their spies to the King abroad and that they can do great harm in actions that are said to be the King's will. Thus there is ever a wariness of travelling folk, outsiders of the Riddermark most of all. 
    For in those days outsiders were not Welcomed to the Riddermark, and those who passed were taken to the ill-counselled King to receive 'his' judgement of what will become of them for tresspassing into his lands without leave to do so.
How do we aid Eaworth: We will conduct series of chores. They need not be GMed by a single player, but it is encouraged that several others bring to light their imagination on the matter and have their characters socialise with NPCs, create their own encounters and do any tasks that are given to their characters. 
Examples of tasks: 
  • Moving rubble.
  • Cooking food.
  • Preparing weapons(Sharpening etc.)
  • Building barricades. 
  • Creating shelter.
  • Searching for valuables in ruined homes.
  • Heck, even bring a fishing rod and go fishing for them if you want. 
Thesse tasks are only limited to your imagination. The idea is to make small tasks of these things and try to keep you busy with tasks inside of Eaworth, instead of without slaying orcs and what not. Bring up your own ideas!
Important: I can understand that lots of players do not want to do anything alone, for the threat of it actually becoming boring. Which is why I would urge you to group your character maybe with another, or conduct tasks in small groups to get them done. In that way it could be kept entertaining. If someone thinks that they can bear their character working alone then by all means go ahead, nobody is stopping you. 
You are also welcome to having your character perhaps bring some supplies with him. 
Of Importance: 
You are encouraged, to join the event. Whether or whether you join it or not will never be held against you. We all enjoy what we enjoy, and we all want to do what satisfies us. So I say that you are more than welcome to come join us if you wish, but if not perhaps we may enjoy another event or something else together! We may never know until we get there. 
This isn't really important but you may discover that I have no idea of how to decrease the indent of this post. It is actually greyed out. *Facepalms*
Feed back is also very welcome. Let me know what you think of this idea?
I know that this is sudden with only one day's notice, but I hope that there will indeed be folk attending.
Your character is not in Rohan but you still want to attend? Then why not? There are several ways to mend this and you are always welcome to use your toon to play in the shoes of another who is in the Riddermark; it will not affect your character. Try using his surname to represent the name of the character that you will be playing, that way folk can better keep track of you. You would be amazed as to new doors for RP playing an 'NPC' may open.

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Wed May 07 2014, 11:11pm
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Ugh! Would it be possible for anyone to move this into the Events forums please? I should have posted it there in the first place.

I get lost!
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Thu May 08 2014, 01:56pm

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Done and done! Also editted your links to open in new window/tab each.
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Thu May 08 2014, 03:38pm
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Thank you very much!
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