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Founded in the early months of 2008 the Riders of the Riddermark have grown beyond our expectations. Despite not fiercely recruiting on the Laurelin channels we have attracted new members through word of mouth and a helpful attitude to those we meet. We are not concerned with being the largest kinship on the server and prefer to concentrate on like minded players.

We are not looking for numbers, only friends to keep the spirit of the kinship alive. For this reason we have a relaxed attitude to recruitment and concentrate more on aiding other players within and outside the kinship, in which every new recruit is included. Your time in the kinship will be defined by your willingness to take part and get involved in discussions
, roleplay and events.

The Riders

We have a good mix of casual and experienced players from all over Europe and America who are always willing to help out with crafting and quests. Our website, managed by Officer Ehris, is a great way to get to know our members and get some insight into our community before you make your decision, so please make good use of it.
The Riders of the Riddermark are a Rank 10 kinship with a kinship house located at “1 High Road, Westcomb, Bree-Land Homesteads” on the Laurelin server. It is well worth a visit but stay clear of the ale, at least until you have had a chance to explore.
We have few rules and the majority of decisions concerning the kinship are discussed openly. We like all our members to feel involved in the future of the kinship and the decisions that will ultimately affect them.

Note: We are a Rohirric Kinship that only accepts recruits born to the realm of Rohan. Unfortunately, no exceptions can be made.


The majority of our members display a keen interest in Tolkien Lore and roleplaying their characters within Middle Earth. That being said, we are a light role play kinship. This means that we do not require all our members to participate in our RP events. However, we are a Rohirric Kinship and any members that enjoy the roleplay aspect will have the opportunity to join in and/or organise some RP events. It is something that we are interested in and encourage!If you’re new to RP and would like to hone your skills, you will have the chance to do so in a relaxed and friendly group within the kinship. For those of you that are not interested in roleplay there are plenty of other aspects of the kinship to get involved in and develop.


Kinship meetings are held fortnightly over the weekend. We also have designated quest nights displayed on our website calendar for all those interested.
For the more musically gifted players, we have a kinship band named the “Red Hot Rohirrim”.The kinship band plays casually at events and meetings, and is available for all members to join and promote if they so wish.
The Riders of the Riddermark are allied with a number of other kinships, this means that we are often invited to other kinship events and in kind we invite them to ours, so there are larger events on the horizon to boost our in kinship activities. We also have a cross kinship chat channel, details on our website.
The Riders have a kinship monster tribe so that all members can participate in PvP despite their combat level. Creep and Freep nights occur from time to time in the Ettenmoors (ran by officer Eawig), if enough numbers show willing.
The Riders of the Riddermark have a variety of members ranging from new accounts to level 100 veterans. We offer aid to all our members! Players that are struggling with a certain area or quest line are encouraged to seek out an officer to organise a designated night to complete quests and advancement within the game. This is also true for end game content, class specific items and crafting tier progression.

The players we aspire to become

Mature minded players that want to get involved. This does not mean we have an age restriction on joining! Getting involved can be hard when first joining a kinship, we try to make that as easy as possible. We prefer players that jump right into the kinship chat and are not afraid to ask any question, you will often find a lot of offers for help and solid advicewhile being a good opportunity for you to get to know our members, and for us to get to know you!
We all have responsibilities at home and work so the amount of time you dedicate to the kinship is irrelevant. We have players that log in every couple of weeks and others that play daily. All are welcome!

Our focus is mainly on enjoying the game and aiding our members in all aspects of play, so do not be deterred by our seemingly relaxed attitude. We have worked hard to remain a friendly andaccommodating bunch concerning new recruits and we hope that it sets us apart from some of the larger kinships on the Laurelin server.

You will have a chance to introduce yourself, read about & see the other players behind the characters once you become a full member of our forums.

Future of the Riders

As a rule, every player will have the opportunity to determine the future of our company, if you show a particular skill or area of interest we will try our best to accommodate that within our promotional choices and roles. We are respected as the largest and most active Rohirric kinship on the server and hope to remain that way. We feel confident that you will enjoy your time with the Riders and grow to love the kinship as much as we do!
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