History of the Kinship Vol.I: Lorcen's Company

 History of the Kinship Vol.I: Lorcen's Company


ScreenShot00333 - Copy.jpg“Greetings weary traveller, I can see you have walked lonely roads and braved great perils to lead you hither, to our refuge far from the eyes of the enemy. Welcome to the Riders of the Riddermark!"  

"You’re here because you have questions and like us desire above all else to secure the borders of Rohan from the shadow that has awoken in these accursed lands , alas that we must now call our home."

"I sense that you’re wary brave rider and you’re wise to be. Like many of us, I fear you to have been lured to these distant lands by fell tales of evil and bloodshed. Against such mindless hate no man must stand alone and indeed here our trust runs true. The time is upon us, on the battle grounds of Eriador for us to stand united, as friends, as brothers, as Riders of the Riddermark!”  

Trestle.jpg"For all you hold dear will you stand with us now Horse Master and in death or victory our deeds this day will live on in the halls of our ancestors, an undying memory of the quality and glory of Rohan, of a company destined to linger in distant lands so that many may live out there days in relative peace.”  

“But for now it is time to rest. Questions can be answered and doubts laid to the wind. Stay a while and seek knowledge from our members as they return from battle. You’re quite safe and most welcome.”

The rise of the Riders of the Riddermark.

Orc.jpg"Long days have passed since memory serves the first forging of the Riders of the Riddermark. It started with the passing of a company of Riders, venturing forth beyond the misty mountains to bring news of a growing threat in the north easterly regions of Middle Earth."

"Years passed and tidings of the company grew few and further apart. Unfortunately there are none still among us that can tell this tale, one can only imagine how they met their end and what grim fate awaited them. There was no return, no words to ease the suffering of those to grieve."  

"It has been said that battle makes corpses of us all and so it was with the valiant members of the Riders of the Mark, sent forth some two years ago lost."

"But where courage inspires the hearts of others, history can be rewritten. Some may say that it was folly, doomed to suffer the same fate, whatever that may have been only time can tell." 

Road to Forochel.jpg"It has been one year since we passed the gates of Edoras and crossed the Snowbourn making for the Gap of Rohan, although I remember it as if it was just today."

"Spear and shield heavy in hand as the night closed in around us, stealing the lands of Rohan from all sight and memory. The sound of hooves under helm the only sign of our passing, our hopes left to linger in the cool winter breeze of the Westfold, may that one day we should return victorious."

"Guided by the stars we made our path through perilous mountain passes and braved deep valleys to lead us to the great east road. We travelled many leagues and crossed many realms to lead us hither. The lands claimed us for their own and the way was shut behind our trodden path. It is here, in the lands of Bree, that we must make our home."

Here follows the story of the reformation of the Riders of the Riddermark, sent forth to determine the fate of our lost Eorlingas and retake the paths to Rohan, so be our fate. 

"Arise Riders of the Riddermark, for ruin, and the world ending!"

 Bree Town and the mustering of the Rohirrim.  

Bree.jpg"There are many words to describe the Town of Breeland, but none of them as prudent as when first eyes settle. We arrived on the dawn of spring and the streets were thick with a sweet smell of cooking and metalcraft. After many months spent sleeping under the stars with little but our wits, the sight of Bree was a happy and welcome road."  

"The Town itself is of a rare breed. Men, Hobbits, Elves and Dwarves walk freely among its streets, a sight we often pondered as we sat upon the steps of the Prancing Pony. A sight we concluded was of a good mix, although it is hard to disagree with Ale in hand and a pipe full of the finest weed found east of the Brandwine."

"We lingered for a while revelling in days of peace, venturing out to marvel at the fine Dwarf Halls and armours, taming the lesser horses found north in the Breefields. We were but two Riders lost among the crowds of Bree, our hopes bent upon strengthening our numbers so that we could fulfil our duty and return home in glory."  

Bree Sun.jpg"In these lands we found our refuge and searched to reunite those born to the Realm of Rohan. Many followed to find us here, to join our company and carry the banner of Meduseld throughout every corner of Middle Earth. In arms we have found our freedom and resolve enough to assail memories of peace."

"We remain the Riders of the Riddermark and our fate is our own. A history deserved of many tales and the quality of our Eorlingas cannot be told quickly nor by one. Many a tale of friendship, courage and battle can be heard in the night."

"Stay a while and enjoy a well earned brew, although stay clear of that barrel at the back there, it has an ill taste in the morning, wherever that sun rises."

Lorcen Realm
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