The Eored Hall of Fame

 This page is to be considered a testimonial of friendship and cameradie towards those that are not part of our Eored anymore - but once were.

Some of these men and women have now found a new home elsewhere, some decided to make the travel back to Maerc by themselves and yet others have been lost or killed in battle.

Here we may reminisce about these former brothers and sister of our Eored - May they have found at home in one of the many Halls of the Lands, or that of their Forefathers!

 Born to a young farmhand of a mother, and a father who could best be described as a merchant of less ordinary goods, Adaryn enjoyed the majority of her childhood nestled within the great sweeping meander of the Entwash – the most easterly point of the Westemnet.

Change seemed to come rather rapidly and unexpectedly as she neared her thirteenth birthday, however; without a word of explanation, and upon her father’s insistence, the entire family abandoned their home, leaving the Riddermark for good.

After a brief, failed attempt to travel yet further south, the family looked north-west, loosely sticking to the Old South Road until their final arrival in Bree-land. Though the circumstances of such a momentous exodus remained closely guarded by her father until his death, his love of dice and other men’s wives was no secret. While Adaryn surmises it was a gambling debt or cuckolded husband that drove her from her homeland, she has always made an effort to avoid much deep ponderance upon such an unsettled period in her life.

Now nearing her twenty eighth year, Adaryn has since eked out a living as, in her own words, ‘a great finder of things’. Though she lays claim to a highly reputable business in antiquities, her cool temperament and occasionally bizarre references perhaps betray a second, more closely guarded life.

While a love of the cheap supply of pipeweed and, perhaps, a lack of drive have kept her within the confines of Bree-land for the past fourteen years, she has finally come to concede that the locals will always view her with the same suspicion as they would to any other stranger. As her ambitions finally begin to blossom, Adaryn grows restless; the news of a changing Rohan, beset on all sides, seems as good an excuse as any. Finally motivated to pick up the trail where her father left off, she seems eager to join the Riders in whatever efforts they can muster – regardless of her motivations.
 Bearwig of Rohan. His family has a long tradition of serving the king of Rohan as soldiers. His father gained a high repuation at the kings court and served as Captain for many years.
Therefore it was logically that he also went to the court of the great King Theodon to become a Captain of Rohan. After many battles King Theoden commanded his best Riders to travel west and help the free people of the Westmark in their defence against the darkness.
Bearwig seldom found time for anything else than his duty and always commanded from the front and his men could always find him in the most dangerous place on the battle field.

One day he went alone for a scouting mission but never returned. He was found dead by his men, there was no sign of a fight, he was untouched by the enemy, leaning on a tree, like he was just taking a rest.


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